Tulipa bizarre flame James Wild © Hazel West Sherring

Spring Collection

English Garden Flowers

Hyacinthoides non-scripta English bluebell Rhododendron golden oriole Crocus vernus Helleborus Orientalis Daffodil Narcissus obvallaris Tenby daffodil y Muscari study sheet 1 Narcissus study sheet Tulipa rose flame Julia Farnese* Helleborus Ashwood garden hybrid Tulipa bizarre flame James Wild* Galanthus Gracilis* Galanthus Rizehensis Muscari macrocarpum CROCUS tommasinianus (early crocus)

Spring is frantic for a Botanical Artist, spoilt for choice of subjects to paint as one plant flowers after another. Bulbs are my favourite garden plant, and Narcissus in particular. Tulips, a Fritillary, and Narcissus ‘Jenny’ are shown in the gallery English Garden Favourites. Crocus tommasinianus (early crocus) and Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus are two of the 30 iconic plants illustrating A Sissinghurst Flora, to be published by the National Trust in 2018.

The Florilegium The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney: Celebrating 200 years. Published in 2016 The Florilegium Society RBGS inc. includes a different painting by Hazel of Crocus tommasinianus, one of a collection of contemporary botanical paintings of plants in the living collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.

Spring bulbs are one of my favourite subjects to paint, their flowers often quite brilliant in colour and yet so delicate in habit. The Wakefield tulips demanding almost dry undiluted pigment, in order to achieve their luminance. The yellow 'bizarre' Tulip shown, is a study for a collection of three, as yet unfinished paintings.

The hellebores and rhododendron were painted to commission, and the wild narcissus was preparatory work as part of a narcissus project commissioned by The Herbarium Library Kew for their exhibition 'Bulbmania' in 2010.