Phlox paniculata starfire

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Phlox paniculata Monica Lynden-Bell Phlox paniculata Blue Paradise Phlox paniculata Lilac Time/The King Phlox paniculata WindsorPhlox paniculata Harlequin/Norah LeighPhlox paniculata Starfire Phlox paniculata Eventide/Franz Schubert Phlox paniculata Sandringham/ Rijnstroom Phlox paniculata pip grid* RHS Gold Medal certificate

The Phlox Paniculata is beloved of gardeners for its luminous presence in the flower border, but also for cutting and enjoyment of its delightful scent.

Its introduction to my own garden was as a result of being given a pale magenta phlox from the garden of Anne-Marie Evans, as an early subject to draw and paint. It became an instant friend, and a collection of eight paintings of 12 garden cultivars, won an RHS Gold Medal in 2005.

In 2006 The Hunt Institute purchased an original painting of a single phlox for their permanent collection.