Muscari caucasicum

The Muscari Collection

English Garden Flowers

Macrocarpum* Chalusicum* Cycladicum* Muscarimi* Caucasicum detail* Caucasicum detail* Muscari study sheet 1 Armeniacum* Muscari pallens* Neglectum*

The Muscari species drew my attention as a fascinating subject to paint, because of the wondrous ‘glowing’ quality to its individual blue flowers, the diversity of the species, and because ‘bulbs’ have become a personal favourite in the garden. Muscari neglectum (or Grape hyacinth), is the most commonly known to gardeners, though the bicolour yellow, Muscari macrocarpum is currently highly fashionable and proved a wonderful subject to paint.

In 2010 the Herbarium Library, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew bought one of the Muscari colour reference sheets Hazel painted as preparatory colour work for the collection, to exhibit at the ‘Bulbmania' exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew. Shown in the large central gallery it was exhibited in a cabinet with other sketchbooks, and a collection of Narcissus commissioned from Hazel for the exhibition.