DAHLIA 'Brandaris'

English Garden Favourites

Classic Botanicals

PULMONARIA  saccharta 'Boughton Blue' ROSA 'Castle' CLEMATIS  x durandii (Durand’s clematis) ARGYRANTHEMUM  foeniculaceum  (Marguerite pink form) ROSA 'Ulrich Brunner Fils' ASTER  novi-belgii  'Carnival' ASTER   x  frikartii Monch ROSA 'New Dawn' ARGYRANTHEMUM   foeniculaceum FUCHSIA 'Thalia' ERYSIMUM  cheiri 'Bowles mauve' (Wallflower 'Bowles Mauve') NARCISSUS  'Jenny' FRITILLARY,  NARCISSUS & TULIPS

English Garden Favourites: 50 favourite plants selected by Alexis Datta, former Head Gardener at Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent. Commenced in 2010 after her involvement with the Highgrove Florilegium, Hazel decided to embark on creating her own Flora based on a Kent garden, for exhibition and publication. This personal project to draw and paint these chosen English garden plants has taken many years, and became two projects when in 2016 the National Trust selected a new iconic plant list for a publication called A Sissinghurst Flora, to be published by the Trust in 2018.

Alexis’s original plant list has been rebranded as English Garden Favourites. The classic plants chosen have been a joy to grow, draw and paint, and now the collection is complete. Hazel has had enormous pleasure in meeting regularly with both Head Gardeners and their brilliant gardening team.


Here’s what Alexis Datta says..

"I met HWS while I was HG at Sissinghurst. She wanted to start a project to paint a collection of some of my favourite plants in the garden. I tried to pick a wide selection of plants from all parts of the garden, flowering at different times of year. I picked some from each of the diverse garden rooms trying to give a sense of the place.The list we came up with reflects my own favourites and Hazel has really brought them to life with the vibrant colours she uses, I particularly like the fact that she reproduces them to their actual size. I retired from Sissinghurst in 2013 but Hazel has carried on with this project since then".

Exhibition April 1st - May 26th 2017 Stark Gallery