Garden Fruit Collection

English Garden Fruits

Malus domestica fiesta* Citrus limon Prunus domestica Ribes uva crispa pax/Howards lancer/early sulphur ANANAS comosus (pineapple) Ribes nigrum Baldwin/Ribes rubrum white champion/October currant/Versailles Ribes nigrum Baldwin/ Ribes rubrum October currant/Versailles blanche A Study Pyrus Packhams triumph/Malus domestica Bleinheim orange Blossom Pyrus/Malus

Travelling through the Kent countryside, one is immediately struck by wonderful old orchards, and fields of soft fruits and currants. With Brogdale National Fruit Collection on her doorstep, invaluable access to classic old varieties has afforded Hazel a wealth of choice fruits to paint, and to use as teaching subjects on her Botanical Art Courses.

For the Highgrove Florilegium Hazel painted a wonderful old espalier pear, 'Sucre de Mont Lucon’, sourced originally from Brogdale rootstock and found in the kitchen garden. Other commissions have included apples, pears, currants and gooseberries.

Not an English garden fruit but a conservatory favourite, Hazels painting of Citrus limon has been much admired for its lustrous texture and colour contrast of leaves and fruit. Commissioned in 2015 the pineapple is a true exotic amongst the more familiar Kentish fruits, at home now amongst a fabulous private collection of Botanical Art in a mediaeval castle.

Amongst the 30 iconic plants chosen for A Sissinghurst Flora, Troy Scott-Smith chose to include a pretty crab apple from the wild orchard, the fig Ficus carica which adorns a gateway in the rose garden, and Corylus maxima, a gorgeous large filbert from the nuttery (getting to the nuts before the squirrels proved quite a challenge!).