Winter Collection

Autumn / Winter Collection

English Trees and Hedgerows

Crataegus oxyacantha English hawthorn* Study Viscum album European mistletoe* Study Hedera helix* Prunus spinosa blackthorn or sloe Study 2 Viscum album European mistletoe* Rosa canina dogrose hips Viscum album European mistletoe Taxus baccata common yew* Ilex x altaclarensis Lawsoniana* Cyclamen*

With a lifelong love of our native trees and the fruits they bear, together with the autumn/winter fruits of the hedgerow, painting subjects are not hard to find. For beginners to Botanical Art, the simple evergreen ivy leaf is a good subject to initiate careful observation in drawing skills, whilst berries, hips and haws provide an appealing subject for understanding shine and form.

A favourite commission, for a very generous bunch of mistletoe, is shown sprouting from its host, ancient apple wood from surrounding Kent orchards.