Primula auricula Helen Barter

The Auricula Collection

English Garden Flowers

Primula auricula pip grid Primula auricula cockle Primula auricula Helen Barter Primula auricula red Show self Primula auricula Warwick

The Primula Auricula is one of Botanical Art’s classic subjects, and has long been loved by artists and gardeners alike, but has always been a favourite flower of interior designers and decorators, much used on textiles and fine ceramics.

Growing auricula show varieties, with their glorious white farina graphically contrasted against jewel-like petals, led me to paint the auricula grid. This shows the character of each individual flower (or pip), and the diversity of shape and colour across different varieties.

Three paintings from this collection are in the archives of the RHS Lindley Library and the others are in private collection. The Garden Museum used the auricula grid in 2009 for a museum membership marketing campaign, and all the paintings have been exhibited at the National Auricula Show in Datchett. Still favourite subjects to paint, in April 2014 Hazel completed a painting of the incredibly luminous Auricula ‘Sissinghurst Blue’, one of the 30 iconic plants chosen by Troy Scott-Smith for inclusion in A Sissinghurst Flora to be published by the National Trust in Spring 2018.